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This study examines how translanguaging pedagogy (García & Lin, 2017), or the leveraging of students’ full linguistic repertoires, is implemented in two asynchronous online sociolinguistics courses at a Hispanic Serving Institution. After describing the courses’ translanguaging design, we present a mixed methods analysis of student code-switching on Flipgrid video discussion boards and reflection papers. Out of 125 reflection papers, 36.0% include code-switching, while the analysis of Flipgrid video discussions shows that code-switching increased throughout the semester, from 3.6% in Week 1 to 38.6% in Week 2. Student reflection papers describe the significance of translanguaging in the course, while also examining aspects of critical linguistic awareness. These results demonstrate the importance of planned as well as moment-by-moment decisions for the implementation of translanguaging pedagogy. Furthermore, we suggest that in order to reach its full potential as a transformative agent of social justice, translanguaging pedagogy should be complemented with critical language awareness.


Published under the authority of Texas Association for Bilingual Education.

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Journal of Bilingual Education Research and Instruction



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