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A preliminary development and validation of the Translingual Disposition Questionnaire with Latinx students

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Current scholarship on translingual pedagogies focus on writer’s translingual strategies and practices. While scholarship explores translingual assessment practices, there is limited quantitative research on how we can measure students’ translingual dispositions. This article examines factor structure of a Translingual Disposition Questionnaire to measure students’ metalinguistic awareness as it relates to translingual dispositions (N = 281). Using Parallel Analysis and Exploratory Factor Analysis, three factors that measure translingual dispositions were retained. With the increase of linguistically diverse students in higher education, a translingual dispositions instrument can assist educators in designing linguistically inclusive assignments and assessments that respond to students’ translingual identities, realities, and practices. Additionally, the instrument can also be used to explore how translingual dispositions are linked to students’ sense of belonging in higher education, academic success, self-efficacy, acculturation, and rhetorical writing abilities. Implications for translingual practices and for future research on translingual dispositions are discussed.


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