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Live Captioning Accuracy in Spanish-Language Newscasts in the United States

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In addition to English-speaking networks, the United States has a number of broadcasters that target the Hispanic community by offering their full programming in Spanish. According to the closed captioning regulations in place, they need to provide closed captions to their audiences, which have to be acceptable in terms of completeness, placement, synchronicity and accuracy. This paper provides the main findings of the first scholarly accuracy assessment conducted in the United States for Spanish-language live closed captions. Taking the national newscasts aired by two major Spanish-speaking networks as the focus of study, this article reports on their accuracy and reduction rates, and provides a detailed account of the number, type and severity of the errors encountered. Overall, our assessment revealed improvable accuracy levels, which were mainly caused by omissions of relevant information in combination with an increased presence of minor errors in the form of misspellings, punctuation errors and technology-related issues.


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Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Access to Media, Learning and Assistive Environments