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Between January 1999 and April 2000 two chlorophyte algae, Codium taylorii Silva and Caulerpa prolifera F. obovata (Forsskal) Lamouroux were found in the lower Laguna Madre (LLM). Both are coenocytic algae and are members of the chlorophyte class Bryopsidophyceae ( van den Hoek et al. 1995). The species descriptions in Taylor (1960) were used in the identification of the specimens. Her barium specimens have been deposited at the University of Texas- Pan American Coastal Studies Laboratory (accession numbers COlO - C. prolifera, COl 1 - C. taylorii) , University of California at Berkeley (UC 1753606 - C. taylorii) , University of Michigan and the University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

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The Texas Journal of Science



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