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To advance our knowledge on the snake venom composition and transcripts expressed in venom gland at the molecular level, we constructed a cDNA library from venom gland of Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma for the generation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) database. From the randomly sequenced 2,112 independent clones, we have obtained ESTs for 1,309 (62%) cDNAs which showed significant deduced amino acid sequence similarity (scores > 80) to previously characterized proteins in NCBI database. Ribosomal proteins make up 47 clones (2%) and the remaining 756 (36%) cDNAs represent either unknown identity or show BLASTX sequence identity scores of < 80 with known GenBank accessions. The most highly expressed gene encoding phospholipase A2 (PLA2) accounting for 35% of A. p. leucostoma venom gland cDNAs was identified and further confirmed by crude venom applied to SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and protein sequencing. A total of 180 representative genes were obtained from the sequence assemblies and deposited to EST database. Clones showing sequence identity to disintegrins, thrombin-like enzymes, hemorrhagic toxins, fibrinogen clotting inhibitors and plasminogen activators were also identified in our EST database. These data can be used to develop a research program that will help us identify genes encoding proteins that are of medical importance or proteins involved in the mechanisms of the toxin venom.

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