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The arundo wasp, Tetramesa romana Walker, has been permitted as a biological control agent for the invasive perennial grass, the giant reed, Arundo donax L. Evidence of adventive populations of the arundo wasp in the Lower Rio Grande Basin was confirmed with a spatio-temporal survey spanning more than 350 river miles. A total of 2,414 adult females of T. romana was collected during a 14month period of study in 2008–2009. This study documents the initial locations and regional expansion of two adventive populations of T. romana, centered around the cities of Eagle Pass and Laredo, TX. Peaks in T. romana abundance in August 2008 and June 2009 indicate a region-wide positive association between abundance of T. romana and warm summer temperatures. Correlations between site-specific abundance data and weather suggest the presence of populationspecific associations with both temperature and rainfall.


Posted with permission from Southwestern Entomologist.

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Southwestern Entomologist


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