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The cellulase activities of 8 isolates of fungi obtained from agricultural soils of Hidalgo County, TX were investigated by measuring the changes in the viscosity of a buffered solution of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), produced by the fluids obtained from liquid cultures of these isolates. The change in the viscosity of the reaction mixture incubated at constant temperature (30 C) was measured with Cannon-Fenske routine viscometers. A buffered cellulase solution was used as a control.

Due to the variability that existed among the isolates investigated, it was possible to select active producers of cellulase with the method followed in this investigation. The cellulase activities of 7 of the isolates were higher than the activity of the cellulase control solution. The production of cellulase by the fungi was higher when the isolates were grown in liquid media containing CMC than when glucose was used as the carbon source. Whereas all isolates produced detectable cellulase in the presence of CM C, only 7 of 8 did so in the presence of glucose.


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