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Species composition and importance, species diversity and evenness, species richness, and community similarity are compared among 6 freshwater, 9 brackish and 11 salt marshes in the Rio Grande Delta. Community similarity is generally low among marshes, but salt marshes have a greater mean coefficient of similarity than brackish marshes. Species richness per marsh ranges from 15 to 31 for freshwater marshes, 7 to 24 for brackish marshes and 7 to 26 for salt marshes. Each freshwater marsh has a different dominant species. The first six species in importance in all three kinds of marshes contribute from 72.6 to 99.8% of the relative cover. Thus, most species are of low importance. There is no significant difference in species richness, species diversity or evenness among the three kinds of marshes. The generalization of the relationships found in this study awaits additional information on marshes from other areas of the Texas coast.


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