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Spring 3-25-2021


In this critical autoethnography, I share my three-layered response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department in May of 2020. This three-layered response stems from my situated identities (Gee, 1999) as a mother, Christian, and academic. I was not only appalled by the dehumanization of George Floyd by public servants but also by the responses of self-professed Christians to his murder as well as the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests. Such responses, I argue, are rooted in Christian nationalism (Davis & Perry, 2020) and the White supremacy that has long plagued the American church (Douglass, 1845). I recommend the application of critical literacy (Freire, 2000) to Scripture to uncover biblical teachings related to oppression, dehumanization, and social justice. Moreover, I recommend the application of critical literacy within education to enact a praxis—a process of reflection and action—amongst students that seeks to transform society.


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