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In this research project, an Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System (EMEHS) is developed for harvesting the kinetic energy of ambient and traffic-induced vibrations and carry out a detailed feasibility study and impacts of such system for application on transportation infrastructures. The proposed EMEHS utilizes the innovative concept of creating array of large number of small permanent magnets through certain optimization criteria to achieve strong and focused magnetic field in a particular orientation. When these magnets are attached to a flexible sub-system and placed close to the copper coil, ambient and traffic-induced vibration of the sub-system induces eddy current in copper the coil which can be used to power sensors. The mass and stiffness of the sub-system are adjusted such that a low-frequency vibration due to the traffic load can effectively induce the vibration of the sub-system, and thereby increasing the output voltage. This vibration is further amplified by tuning the frequency of the sub-system to resonance condition. The key innovation of the proposed research, as compared to other energy harvesters, is the optimization of array of permanent magnets for achieving a high electric power by developing an accurate analytical model for the magnetic interaction between the permanent magnets and the copper coil in the proposed EMEH. A proof-of-concept prototype of the proposed EMEH has also been designed and fabricated for the laboratory characterization testing, and field testing on a real highway bridge subjected to daily traffic vibration in New York.



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