Economic Analysis of the Utilization of a Greywater System in Residential Dwellings

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Greywater accounts for most of the wastewater generated in a residence, making it an excellent resource for wastewater reuse, especially in this age of water scarcity. Fortunately, a household greywater system can make the best application of this potential by reusing the generated greywater. Although it may appear to be a convenient solution, it is necessary first to examine the economic feasibility of the system. This is because they demand a significant initial investment and frequent maintenance and replacement schemes. This study examines the economic impact of installing one of the greywater systems currently available in the US market, in a typical Houston residence. The life cycle costs (LCC) comparison shows a reduction in the overall utility bill and economic indicators such as net savings (NS), SIR or AIRR further justifies that it is an economically beneficial solution to be considered for the long term.


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Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference 2022