Initial Investigation of Using Waste Rubber Tires as a Sustainable Material for the Development of Electrically Conductive Rigid Pavements

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The accumulation of snow on roadway surfaces has the potential to result in deadly accidents and financial damage. Heated pavement systems (HPS) have gained popularity in recent years as a way of mitigating the snow accumulation on rigid pavements. While these approaches seem promising, they are also costly due to the raw resources used, which accelerates the depletion of these raw materials. This research aims to present a sustainable approach for de-icing the accumulated snow on rigid pavements. The method depends on using waste rubber tires as the source of heating to be applied to the rigid pavements. Depending on the mesh of steel wires embedded inside the rubber tires. It has been noticed that passing current through these steel wires embedded inside the rubber can produce heat. The outcomes of the investigation validate the effectiveness of the suggested method of heating the pavement and melting the snow.



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Airfield and Highway Pavements 2023