An Exploratory Study of Programmer Bias Transfer: Investigating Colorblind Racial Attitudes Among Hispanic Students and Their Influence on Algorithmic Systems

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Algorithm-driven systems are increasingly ubiquitous, but concerns about their potential biases against racially marginalized groups persist. Although previous research has identified sources of algorithmic bias, such as biased datasets, little is known about the influence of personal biases of programmers on the algorithms they create. This study draws from Sociological theories on racialized organizations and color blind ideology to investigate this issue. To this end, a mixed-methods survey was conducted on Computer Science and Computer Engineering undergraduate students at a Hispanic-serving institution, examining the effects of demographics, cultural background, and color blind beliefs on a series of hypothetical programming tasks. As data analyses are still in progress, this paper reviews relevant Sociological literature and provides an overview of the survey methodology, as well as preliminary findings.


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HCI International 2023 Posters. HCII 2023. Communications in Computer and Information Science