Metamaterial-inspired quintuple band printed patch antenna for dense communication networks

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A compact 15 mm × 15 mm multi-band metamaterial-inspiredprinted antenna, composed of a simple microstrip antenna and a metamaterial superstate, is developed to accommodate nowadays advanced wireless communication devices and networks, where multi-functional tasks are simultaneously performed in different frequency ranges efficiently. A quintuple homocentric circular split ring resonator is explicitly designed as a band enhancer metamaterial superstate. The metamaterial geometry and orientation associated with the antenna location and radiating are optimized for the greatest consequence, where the resonances electrically and magnetically couple with the antenna radiation, generating quintuple bands in the X band: 8–12 GHz. The main lobe directions indicate an excellent directional propagation. This metamaterial-inspired antenna was designed and fabricated using a low cost commercial FR4 substrate offering a good cost margin for potential mass production. Four of five bands have a gain greater than 6dBi, which can be improved by using low-loss substrate. The measured and simulated results are in good agreement.


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Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications