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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Jean Braithwaite

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Dr. Britt Haraway

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David Carren


If you look hard enough, there are stories of children in foster care. Tales of their plight, longing for love, the love of their parents, love from the foster care system, or a foster care family. However, despite their existence, so much is left in the unknown. The story of how this child’s life came into the world, what outcomes transpired for a parent to give up a child, and the journey the child may have to take for closure. Answers to the why. Why was I given up, why was I not sought out, why did my family not try harder, why have they forsaken me?

But this isn’t only the story of a former foster youth, but also the story of a mother who made the choice of letting a family go. Surviving depression, exile from her family, and immigrating to the United States. All under the age of 19.

Both stories are divergent from one another but are united through a survival journey that is unique to both individuals.


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