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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. James Jupp

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Dr. Laura Jewett

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Dr. Jair Aguilar


This research follows the tenets of qualitative-interpretivist research. The study focused on the following question: What are the testimonios of immigrant students in a middle school and how do their narratives of schooling emerge in their stories? The stories of immigrant students’ educational experiences attending U.S. schools, in particular South Texas Middle School, and their parent’s discourses on border crossings were taken via testimonio. The methodology was constructed from the theoretical frames of four emancipatory types of frameworks used, that consisted of Critical Race Theory, Latino/Latina Critical Theory, Subtractive Schooling, and Funds of Knowledge. Five emergent themes originated from the data that included: Transnational Immigrants from Reynosa, Preoccupation with English Language, Reynosa Schools vs. U.S. Schools and Inequalities, Participation in Classes & Extra Curriculars, Narrow Evidence of Participation and Life in Reynosa vs. Life in the U.S. Escaping Poverty, Crime and Insecurity en el otro lado.

Summary of findings reveal that immigrant students attending U.S. schools face issues of racism in overt ways such as lack of instructional supports in Spanish, where schools privilege English, participation in their classes and extracurriculars are limited for recent immigrants.


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