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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Vesselin Vatchev

Second Advisor

Dr. Sergey Grigorian

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Dr. Dambaru Bhatta


In this thesis, we relate multi-soliton waves generated by the 'good' Boussinesq equation to the distribution functions in the classical linear Schrödinger equation. The linear Schrödinger equation describes the distribution of a particle or particles in a particular environment. The Schrödinger equation is linear, the superposition principle of the solutions, especially the eigenfunctions is nonlinear and we will show that we may observe similar behavior in the solutions of the Boussinesq equations for soliton waves. The work extends the study of two-soliton solutions to the Boussinesq equation to the case of three-soliton solutions. The methods can be easily extended to n-solitons.


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