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Dr. Marci McMahon

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Dr. David Anshen


David Lynch’s style of cinema is easily recognizable, it is eccentric, bizarre, and surreal. Fans and film scholars alike hail the ‘Lynchian’ aspects within his films, moments that showcase incongruous images that do not line up within our sense of reality. Within the cinema of Lynch there exists a signature space that is a pure manifestation of sublimity. Within this space, anything goes; it is typically a vile and reprehensible place that feeds off the suffering of the film’s characters.

In four of Lynch’s selected films, Eraserhead (1977), Blue Velvet (1986), Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (1992), and Lost Highway (1997) there emerges a distinct pattern that marries this signature sublime space with music. Music acts as an inciting force for the sublime in these four films.


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