Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Affairs (MPA)


Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. George Atisa

Second Advisor

Dr. Aziza Zemrani

Third Advisor

Dr. Sharon McIntyre


There is widespread literature on the connection between public policy, resource allocation, and income and health inequalities among minority communities. While various services are created to help communities, the distribution and allocation of these services remain elusive, without any collaboration towards a common objective among public policy leaders. This paper investigates the disparities in the access to healthcare within Florida, a state selected because of its documented problems with healthcare access. This thesis research analyzes the income and health inequalities in minority populations in Florida by integrating community resource collaboration into public policy. The study used secondary data from public health sources within the state. Key socioeconomic factors that affect healthcare access were examined using mixed methods approach. The study’s findings reveal that healthcare insurance, work status, language, income, education, and race are barriers to healthcare in Florida. The study also recommends various solutions, including access to high-quality education and spending-based programs.


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