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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Shizue Mito

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Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou

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Dr. Frank Dean


Type II Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and is categorized by high blood glucose levels, insulin deficiencies, and inhibition. Located in the pancreas and intestine, the G-Protein Receptor 119 (GPR119) was noted to have an important effect on insulin secretion. Previous studies found that when the receptor is activated, insulin secretion was upregulated which is vital for type II diabetes treatment. Compounds AR437735 and AR437948 are the proposed agonist and inverse agonist pair that will be synthesized and tested for bioactivity to the receptor. It is theorized that the different double-bonded atoms on the two compounds will help determine which ligand on the receptor should be targeted for drug binding to help promote insulin secretion. The synthesis of compounds AR437735 and AR437948 failed, however, a new pair of agonists and inverse agonist were synthesized using the base structure of the two initial compounds. The agonist version of the compound had an overall yield of 18.051%, while its counterpart had an overall yield of 6.259%. All compounds are characterized by Nuclear Magnetic Radiation Spectroscopy (NMR).


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