Theses and Dissertations

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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Dr. Laura Jewett

Second Advisor

Dr. Angela Chapman

Third Advisor

Dr. James Jupp


Latina preservice science teachers make the transition from science student to teacher is scant. This study aims to address this gap by exploring improvisation as a pedagogical tool in order for Latina pre-service teachers make meaning of the transition from student to teacher and what this might mean in terms of identity.

According to Pool et al. (2011), “[u]sing arts-based instruction in a preservice teacher program has promise for fostering better pedagogical decisions to benefit learners at every level.” (p. 9). The purpose of this case-study is not only to fill a gap in the literature but also to explore and improve teacher education practice, particularly my own practice. (Meyer, 2000, p. 8). In this way, my study is in part action research. According to Mills (2018) “Action research is largely about developing the professional disposition of teachers, that is, encouraging teachers to be continuous learners in their classrooms and in their practice.” (p. 17). In this study, I become a continuous learner as well as the researcher.


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