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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Jean Braithwaite

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Dr. Emmy Perez

Third Advisor

Dr. Paul Valadez


Monsters & Men is a collection of poetry and illustrations that explores the complex emotions associated with masculinity, grief, and personal development. I achieve this by heavily reflecting on my relationship with my late father and using this medium as an outlet to express my trauma in a healthy manner. How we perceive ourselves as men, and what is possible, is not reflected enough in society and I aim to be a proponent in stimulating the conversation revolving around men’s mental health. Men and the patriarchy impose themselves on others to the point where we need to address the unethical inequalities that plague the world. Not only do men retain power over minority groups like women, the LGBT+ community, but also against other men themselves. We struggle to accept that there are many forms of masculinity and ideas of what a man can be, and it’s time to evolve past archaic gender norms. As much as we are the problem, we can be part of the solution to move forward in unity and respect.

I go on to explore how processing grief of my father’s passing can be a healthy aspect for me to grow from in order to help others do the same. Death itself is an enormous topic that has many aspects to it for many different cultures. Our ideas of death all differ, and we all have different assumptions of what takes place after our time has come. I indulge in these thoughts to express fears, hopes, and cultural representations.


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