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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. David Bowles

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Dr. Britt Haraway

Third Advisor

Dr. Steven Schneider


Art is subjective, as is the art of writing. Creating a piece of writing out of a fleeting thought is truly the most frightening yet fulfilling feeling there is for a writer. Entire universes with their own unique worlds, aesthetic verses littered with imagery to paint an intricate mental picture; each representing a brief scenario that my mind decided to fabricate out of nothingness. Though not everyone will love my work, my goal is to reach someone that might. Even if it’s just one person. I want them to read my work and think “This is pretty cool.” My process of writing is a tad unconventional because I’m a “build it as you go” writer. I do not have a solid plan in the beginning, I simply let my thoughts spill onto the page. Once I have a skeleton of what I would like to write, I begin to flesh it out and move specific parts around to build something beautiful. My collection of short stories and poems does just that. My work is a part of me; each microrrelato and short story representing different pieces of my mind, creating a whole mosaic of pure fantasía come to life through words.


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