Theses and Dissertations

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Eric Miles Williamson

Second Advisor

David Carren

Third Advisor

Joseph Haske


My thesis, Revolution, is a novel of historical fiction set during the Cuban Revolution from 1945 to 1957. Following in the tradition of Gabriel Marquez (100 Years of Solitude), Joseph Conrad (Nostromo), and James A. Michener (Mexico), the unfolding of events begins in the fictional city of Alarico set in Cuba's Oriente Province before spreading into Havana. The prominent figures of the revolution-Batista, Castro, and Guevara-are represented by fictional counterparts in order to circumvent the restrictions of history to tell an exciting story. We follow Fidel's rise to power, as well as the lives of a Cuban miner and his son, a soldier under Batista, during this transforming era. It's my intent to analyze the mechanisms of revolution, and to comment on the duplicity of activism and leadership against the nation's revolutionary past. All historical battles and events are fictionalized to better serve the novel's narrative intent.


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