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Dr. Brent Campney

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Dr. Jamie Starling

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Dr. George T. Díaz


This thesis examines the conditions that led to the violence orchestrated by Texas Rangers during La Matanza, and how after the Porvenir Massacre of 1918, state reform initiatives resulted in an investigation of the Texas Rangers in 1919. As a result, they were reduced in force and capability, and modern-day scholars imply violence associated with La Matanza ceased in the Valley after that.

However, this thesis argues that racist violence did not disappear but continued in the 1920s. Posses continued the administration of racist violence and lynching against ethnic Mexicans. Therefore, this thesis examines one case in Cameron County in Rio Hondo from 1921-1922, which led to a posse lynching of one Mexican National and police torturing two ethnic Mexicans. The other took place in Willacy County from 1926-1927 in the city of Raymondville and resulted in the lynching of three Mexican Nationals and one ethnic Mexican.


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