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Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay

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Dr. Narayan G Bhat

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Dr. Javier Macossay-Torres


The Discovery of a variety of heterocyclic drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases (e.g, neglected tropical diseases) is a medical breakthrough and inspiring for the research community as a whole. A wide range of natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic anticancer drugs are synthesized using various methods. Among them, β -lactams stand out as a novel class of antibiotics that has different types of biological as well as anti-cancer properties. β -lactam has become a premier and active research subject towards the development of revolutionary anti-cancer drugs. In recent years, a large amount of investigations have been done to find the anticancer effect of β -lactams. There exist clinically established synthetic methods to synthesize the beta-lactam ring. To find the better anticancer effect, many bicyclic, polycyclic starting materials have been selectively chosen to be used with the beta-lactam ring. Many endeavors conducted comprehensive biological studies to determine the anticancer activity of such synthetic β -lactams. Also, to investigate the binding effect of β -lactam, molecular docking studies have been performed. This review discusses several prominent synthetic methods of synthesis and anticancer activity of β -lactams.


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