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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. David Carren

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Dr. David Anshen

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Dr. Amy Cummins


Throughout my time in college, I would always hear people discussing how originality is dead and that everything has been done before. Though I do believe there is some air of truth to these statements, I hold tight to the idea that originality is not truly gone. My belief is that the entertainment industry is so set on playing it safe, they do not wish to break away and explore new ideas which have never been done before. I believe that if more creatives were given the freedom to try new combinations and had more fun doing what they love, modern television and film would flourish in a way it has never done before and would cause others to think twice before saying originality is dead.

When writing this script, I drew inspiration from events from my life which I seldom see showcased in movies and television in a single narrative. The story revolves around a new college professor and aspiring screenwriter who reconnects with his mentor only to be dragged into a whimsical, yet horrific situation which makes him question his sanity. The story exposes the struggles one faces when working in the fields of academia and the film industry alike. The purpose of this script is to tell a realistic narrative through the lens of fantastical whimsy in a way that explores multiple genres which I hope inspires the reader’s imagination to soar.


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