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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Ramsés Ortín

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Dr. John Foreman

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Dr. Minhee Eom


The following study utilizes an experimental paradigm known as the Sequence Recall Task (Dupoux et al., 2001) to examine the processing of the English vowel contrasts /ɪ/-/i/ and /ɑ/-/æ/ among Spanish-English bilinguals. Using dominance scores calculated from the Bilingual Language Profile (Birdsong et al., 2011), this study examines the processing of these contrasts relative to a control contrast /u/-/ɛ/ as well as how the processing of these contrasts is modulated by participants’ English dominance. A total of 24 Spanish-English bilingual speakers participated in a Sequence Recall Task that targeted the processing of these three contrasts. The results indicate that participants were equally efficient in processing the control contrast of /u/-/ɛ/ and the experimental contrast /ɑ/-/æ/, but not the /ɪ/-/i/ contrast, which appeared to be more difficult than the other two. Furthermore, increased dominance in English was found to correspond with similarly increased accuracy in the processing of the /ɑ/-/æ/ contrast, while the /ɪ/-/i/ contrast remained difficult regardless of English dominance.


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