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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Randall Monty

Second Advisor

Dr. Sarah Warren-Riley

Third Advisor

Dr. Maggie Shelledy


This thesis examines the rhetorical and discursive strategies embraced by conservative politicians and their supporters on the campaign trail. Using Dr. Patricia Roberts-Miller’s definition of demagogic cultures coupled with the five markers, or tendencies, of these cultures, I explore how the speakers at the October 22, 2022 Truth and Courage PAC campaign rally in Harlingen, TX deployed these tactics to galvanize voters to vote for TX-34 Republican candidate Mayra Flores. Through a combination of descriptive and rhetorical analysis, I demonstrate how these presenters engage in demagogic and anti-democratic rhetorical moves to an audience of Hispanics. Lastly, I outline how these moves may act as an accelerants for white supremacy.


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