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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)

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Cathryn Merla-Watson

Second Advisor

Amie Bostic

Third Advisor

Paul D. Jorgensen


Barrio working-class Latinx populations have been historically ignored and prevented from creating sustainable roots within their own communities due to the confluence of settler colonialism, neoliberalism, and gentrification. I argue the neoliberal city creates an unsustainable predicament that seeks to marginalize working-class individuals from inner-city life, thus systematically precluding future generations of working-class Latinxs from upward mobility. Little attention has been paid to Texas cities resulting from neoliberal policies perpetuating settler colonialism and gentrification. This thesis draws from theories of neoliberalism and the neoliberal city to explore the effects of gentrification on barrio Latinx geographies. To explore the relationship between coloniality, neoliberalism, and gentrification, I analyze the current West Oak Cliff Area Plan as a case study that seeks to gentrify and change the demographics of the Oak Cliff barrio in Dallas, Texas. I also analyze two different sites to diagnose ways gentrification manifests; specifically, I analyze the discursive site, a Latinx show Gentefied, which follows a family amid gentrifying Boyle Heights barrio in Los Angeles, and the physical site of local non-unilateral organizations in an Oak Cliff barrio as sources contestation against the neoliberal city. Exploring alternative Latinx Urbanist and Latinx geographies theories will serve as a critical form of resistance against coloniality and the Neoliberal city.


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