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Master of Arts (MA)



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Joe Noe

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Colin Charlton

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Alejandra Ramirez


This research and collective experiences have been recorded to bring together an autoethnography that demonstrates my personal experiences of being the eldest daughter in a Latino family and how these experiences situate within a social context. The primary purpose of this autoethnography is to provide insight on Latino culture expectations placed upon first born daughters. My own experiences connect to my research covering Latino culture and gender expectations to further understand social meanings and understandings of this culture. This autoethnography presents qualitive research that allows me to self-reflect and apply these findings to my personal experiences within my family to interpret the society I come from. Latinas juggle family roles, financial responsivities, and higher education to meet the needs of their families and their own. Latinas serve as the family pillar spiritually and are expected to maintain a figure of marianismo. I address the issues of traditionalism and the stress and burdens Latinas undergo because of these family expectations.


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