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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)



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Dr. Dawid Wladyka

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Dr. William Yaworsky

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Dr. Arlett Lomelí


The study intends to illustrate how certain challenges influence the disparity of Latinas/Hispanic women pursuing a career in academia, in the Rio Grande Valley. Aside from the aspects, which drive these women to success, I also hope to uncover those, which restrict Hispanic women from achieving tenure within the university system. Conclusively, I intend to understand how the issues and circumstances of Latinas in pursuit of the professoriate, compares/differs from other marginalized groups.

The qualitative research process allows for individual interviews, in order to construct authentic interpretations of the challenges and conditions, which often affect the Hispanic woman in the Rio Grande Valley. Accordingly, this approach supports the use of open-ended questions in order to expose the realities of the professoriate. Furthermore, the narratives of the ten participants, seek to promote an interest in the professional growth of the Hispanic woman in academia, while focusing on their personal experiences, as few studies have done thus far.

While the data is subjective, it is appropriate in regards to the analysis of the research. Through the triangulation of data, the researcher looks to construct a study, which not only reveals the challenges of the professoriate, but one which portrays the narratives of the Hispanic woman. In turn, the researcher hopes to encourage the study of Hispanic women’s issues and to promote an awareness for the distinctive issues of Latinas in the academe.


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