Theses and Dissertations

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Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Engineering Management

First Advisor

Satya Akundi

Second Advisor

Douglas Timmer

Third Advisor

James Li


This study explores whether MBSE industry workforce requirements are being satisfied by the academic curricula of US institutions. Using an industry survey, which is highlighted in Chapter 3, identifies the existing perception of MBSE from various industries and explores the MBSE needs of professionals, such as tools concepts and languages. It examines how industry professionals perceive MBSE, the advantages and challenges of MBSE use and the preferred MBSE tools, languages and knowledge of concepts deemed necessary to ensure project success in the respective industry sectors. Results of phase 1 industry survey will summarize the current MBSE concepts, tools and languages that industry workforce use and determine MBSE training needs for current and future industry workforce required. This information will facilitate the development of recommendations to combat MBSE adoption challenges and ensure system project success and product quality. Phase 2 of this thesis is an academic survey, outlined in chapter 4 which explores the different curricula of US academic institutions that teach SE and MBSE to determine which MBSE tools, languages and concepts that students are being introduced in the course of their studies. This inquiry aims to determine the existence of gaps or otherwise in the training needs of industry and the current curricula of SE and MBSE students in US academic institutions. The phase 2 survey also explores the challenges that academic professionals face while introducing students to the SE and MBSE curricula in US academic institutions. Finally, this study discusses the existence or otherwise of differences observed in the challenges encountered while teaching MBSE to students vis a vis teaching industry professionals. The results of the phase 1 and 2 surveys are discussed in chapter 5 to decipher whether the needs of MBSE workforce in the industry sectors explored in phase 1 are being met by the curricula of various US academic institutions. Chapter 6 concludes this research by suggesting recommendations to bridge the gap of MBSE industry training needs identified from survey responses in chapters 3 and 4.


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