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Master of Arts (MA)


Experimental Psychology

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Joseph Hovey

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Jason Popan

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Liza Talavera - Garza


There is a drastic difference in the number of Latino men utilizing mental healthcare as only 24 percent of Latino men with a severe mental illness ever receive treatment. Previous research has revealed stigma and attitudes are important factors in the help seeking process, but with limited Latino participants. The current study gathered survey data from Latino male university students about their levels of stigma, attitudes towards both tele – health and in person counseling, perceived barriers and benefits, treatment history, and current levels of depression. It was revealed that in contrast to previous studies, Latino men’s social stigma is associated with less favorable attitudes for in person counseling, tele – health attitudes are more favorable, and machismo is an important predictor variable for attitudes towards both modalities. The findings of the study indicate more mental health attitudes research must be done on ethnic minorities due to conflicts with previous studies.


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