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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Britt Haraway

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Emmy Perez

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David Carren


Mexican American culture holds a strong grasp in the roots of South Texas. The proud Latino heritage is at the forefront of The Valley’s metaphorical cover page. Naturally, with such strong cultural influence comes adaptions of antiqued ways of living and the morality of a dying generation which is slowly losing their stronghold on the throats of the youth. The elders are used to a specific, and sometimes socially problematic, lifestyle that includes machismo, patriarchal sovereignty, and gender based roles that are fitting to a specific generational expectation.

This collection of writing aims to highlight the differences between the old generation of Mexican Americans and how the new generation is beginning their own influential take on the customs and norms of the former. Each chapter, an isolated story within an overarching theme, relies on the passage of time to elevate the understanding the stark contrasts between social mannerisms and expectations set by differing minds. Specifically, how much of the older generation seems to look down upon the younger generation due to the fact that their standard of living is much more “underwhelming” than what they had to live through during their time.

Ultimately, my goal is to bridge the gap between these spaces of thought in hopes of finding a balance between a proud heritage and an adaptable one. Time may change perspective but it does not change history, it may only influence it.


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