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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Aaron Wilson

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Dr. Hyung Kim

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Dr. Tamer Oraby


The study of the individual's beliefs and the role and influence they have on the individual's actions and behaviors, have long been examined and investigated by educators and psychologists. Moreover, researchers have overwhelmingly claimed and demonstrated that the beliefs held by teachers significantly influences their behavior and educational practices in the classroom. This thesis study investigates the mathematical disposition and self-efficacy for teaching mathematics of preservice teachers. The study's primary goals are to discover if there is a relationship or association between a teacher's mathematical disposition(MD) and his/her self-efficacy for teaching mathematics (SEFTM), and if there are significant differences between the mathematical disposition of one group of teachers over another group; likewise, for self-efficacy for teaching mathematics. In effort to answer these questions, data was collected in the fall semester 2016 at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley through a survey and a total of 238 responses (all from preservice teachers) were collected. Data analysis was employed to find evidence of an association between MD and SEFTM, and if there were significant differences in the MD scores (and separately SEFTM scores) between groups of elementary, middle school, and high school preservice teachers.


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