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Master of Science (MS)



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Richard Kline

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Christopher Gabler

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John Young Jr.


Roadside exclusion fencing is commonly used to mitigate wildlife road mortalities and property damages caused by wildlife-vehicle collisions. A potential consequence is that animals may become trapped on the road by fencing. On State Highway 100 in South Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation installed ten wildlife exits (WE) allowing animals to exit the roadway through a modified opening in the fence. However, some individuals used the WE to access the roadway. In this study, a new design was implemented, with narrower openings, a ramp and a clear plastic one-way door. While the updated design prevented road access for wildlife, use exiting the roadway was greatly reduced. Additionally, individual identification of bobcats by pelage markings revealed that many bobcats used the original exits correctly while only two individual bobcats used them to access the roadway. Insights from this study can inform future modifications for exits designed for mesocarnivores.


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