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Master of Science (MS)



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Joanne Rampersad

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Christopher Gabler

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Owen Temby


The Eastern Oyster also known as Crassostrea virginica, is an important resource here in the United States. Historically, this species has been overfished, poorly managed, and plagued by disease. Oyster mariculture is a growing industry here in the United States and is a sustainable solution to producing oysters. Texas has become the last coastal state to legalize oyster mariculture which means there is now a vast coastline with many unique bay systems that are open to this industry. One bay system that is particularly unique is the Lower Laguna Madre which is a hypersaline lagoon. Little is known about the southern population of Crassostrea virginica that resides in these waters and how they would perform in off-bottom mariculture gear. This study will collect data such growth rates, survival, morphology, and condition indexes of oysters grown in such gear to help determine if this industry has potential in this hypersaline environment.


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