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Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Farid Ahmed

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Jianzhi Li

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Ali Ashraf


This paper presents a research study for potential printing of a Liquid Metal (LM) Eutectic Gallium Indium alloy (EGaIn) through the applications of the innovative additive manufacturing technology LIFT (Laser Induced Forward Transfer). LIFT is a precise printing technology that allows to create small, detailed printing. The liquid metal in study, EGaIn, has demonstrated great potential for microelectronics applications due to its minimum toxicity and high conductivity. Throughout this research different printing parameters are studied to comprehend the behavior of EGaIn printing with LIFT technique, these include laser energy, laser pulse, receiver material substrate, donor layer thickness, and transfer gap.

The results demonstrate that the different surface properties of the receiver substrate affect the delivery of liquid metal. A similar situation occurs with the transfer gap used during printing, both of these variables affect the droplets composition and contact angle when delivered in the desired surface, the well understanding of both variables allows for the creation of detailed and well-defined conductive patterns that can be printed in a flexible surface.


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