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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Federico Guerra

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Stephanie Alvarez

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Israel Aguilar


The purpose of the study is to identify the primary difficulties Latina/o/x migrant farmworker students face compared to non-migrant farmworker students regarding completing higher education and how they can overcome those barriers. Latina/o/x migrant farmworker students experience educational inequity that affects their potential to continue into higher education successfully. Although there is extensive research that analyzes the CAMP program effectiveness, migrant farm-worker students experiences, and the difficulties faced by migrant farmworker students in education, there is a gap in the literature that focuses on migrant farmworker students and their success in higher education completion. This research seeks to determine how resiliency, family support, and the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) are contributors to help them overcome those barriers and contribute to Latina/o/x migrant farmworker students' ability to complete their higher education at a South Texas Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

This study focuses on migrant farmworker students who enrolled in the 4-year Hispanic Serving Institution within the South Texas Region and who also participated in the CAMP program of either of the campuses during their first year of college. Because the assistance provided by the CAMP program only extends through the student's first year of enrollment, the student participants of the study will not be limited to first-year or currently enrolled students but will expand to alumni of the program as well. Lastly, because family support has been identified as key to the success of migrant farmworker students, the researcher will also include the parents of the CAMP students and alumni participants as independent study participants.


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