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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Velma Menchaca

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George Padilla

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Hilda Silva


This study examines the demographics, and job, services, responsibilities, barriers, facilitators, and satisfaction of Texas school social workers. A survey was emailed to Texas school social workers identified on a state list. A convergent parallel mixed method design was used to compare and discuss quantitative and qualitative data obtained. The data reveal consistency with existing school social work literature related to demographics and provided novel information on work characteristics, job satisfaction, work barriers and facilitators, and program preparation of school social workers. The data shows school social workers are highly involved in three social work responsibilities: emotional problems; children at risk; and mental health, illness, and trauma. The research supports the importance of exploring the current Texas school social work districts job descriptions to investigate if they are aligned with the counseling role they play and with the Texas Administrative Code, The Practice of Social Work. The research also supports that school districts must become informed and educated on the role of the school social worker to maximize the services they provide to public education and to avoid practice issues.


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