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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Kip Austin Hinton

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J. Joy Esquierdo

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Sandra Musanti


In the context of language diversity in schools, this research underscores the persistence of monolingual academic standards despite linguistic variety. Bilingual education, historically intertwined with sociopolitical agendas aligning with dominant societal power structures, necessitates a paradigm shift. Bilingual educators must empower students to utilize their complete linguistic repertoire, fostering creative language expression through translanguaging (Sánchez et al., 2018, p.13). This approach challenges superficial language norms, potentially deviating from the standard language codified by a powerful central group.

The study delves into the types of language practices teachers permit, promote, or prohibit and examines teachers' perceptions regarding the constraints of a structured duallanguage program. Specifically, the research addresses the level of opportunity for translanguaging in a structured one-way dual language program. Findings reveal inconsistencies in program fidelity, emphasizing the imperative for policymakers and education advocates to reassess languaging policies and provide teachers with increased flexibility in educating bilingual students.

This research makes a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse by advocating for further exploration of Third Spaces in translanguaging within dual language settings. This involves a critical reevaluation of pedagogical approaches in dual language programs, recognition of the holistic requirements of dual language learners, and a refined understanding of dynamic bilingualism.


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