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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Pierre Ming-tsan Lu

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Rene Corbeil

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Maria E. Corbeil


The integration of educational technology is pivotal in enhancing classroom instruction. School administrators must possess a clear vision and the necessary skills to leverage emerging technologies effectively (Yu & Prince, 2016). This mixed methods research study explores trends, challenges, and experiences related to educational technology leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Employing an autoethnographic approach and survey data, the study aligns with the Future Ready Framework's seven interconnected components: curriculum, instruction, and assessment; personalized professional learning; budget and resources; use of space and time; robust infrastructures; data and privacy; and community partnerships. The narrative provides insights into a district’s leader’s decade-long journey, contextualizing each component through personal leadership experiences.

The study also examines gender perspectives in educational technology leadership, highlighting how background factors influence the viewpoints of educational leaders. Additionally, it assesses the professional development needs of educational leaders and their peers in relation to effective technology integration. Survey responses from educational leaders during various phases of the pandemic offer diverse insights. This research identifies the barriers faced by educational leaders in integrating technology before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lived experiences and survey findings reveal common themes in the challenges and opportunities encountered by educational leaders when implementing educational technology. These findings emphasize the need for visionary leadership, professional development, and effective budget management. They also illustrate how the zone of proximal development aided a district leader in navigating the educational technology landscape. The Future Ready Framework, presented in this study, provides educational leaders with a navigational tool to understand and apply interconnected strategies that support educational technology. Its ultimate goal is to prepare students to contribute effectively to the ever-changing world of technology. The combination of the Future Ready Framework and this mixed methods research offers insights into how to leverage technology to meet the needs of learners and communities.


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