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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Rehabilitation Counseling

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Bruce Reed

Second Advisor

Noreen Graf

Third Advisor

Ralph Carlson


Research on the objective effectiveness of Collegiate Recovery Programs and Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRPs / CRCs) has shown success in maintaining recovery and improving academic outcomes for college students in recovery, but research on the experiences of this population is starting to emerge. This study used a mixed-method design to investigate the perceptions of members of CRPs / CRCs regarding the impact of participation on their recovery from substance abuse and their overall quality of life. Thirty-one participants completed the Drug Avoidance Self-Efficacy Scale (DASES) and the Quality of Life Index – Generic Version iii (QLI). Paired samples t-tests were conducted. Results indicated significant increases in self-ratings for all items except one on each instrument. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with five participants to explore the impact of CRPs / CRCs on their recovery and their quality of life. Themes related to CRP / CRC impact on recovery included Protection in an Abstinence-Hostile Environment, Skills and Tools, and Social. Themes related to CRP / CRC impact on quality of life included Skills and Tools, Social, and Personal Growth. Interviewees provided recommendations for improvement to CRPs / CRCs in areas such as funding, visibility and promotion, recovery-informed providers, and staff in recovery. Themes and statements from the interviews described multiple positive impacts on recovery and quality of life. Synthesis of data was performed by comparing relevant interview statements to items from the DASES and QLI. Multiple related themes were identified between the two types of data. This study is one of the first to capture member perceptions through quantitative instruments. The themes that emerged from the interviews are consistent with, and expand on, previous research on this population. Limitations of the study and recommendations for future research are discussed.


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