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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Colin Charlton

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Dr. Greg Selber

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Dr. Danika Brown


This paper explores the way Muse uses their lyrics to reflect and affect cultural shifts in in Western society. In addition, a focus is placed on recent social movements the band touches on and their methods of distribution in terms of spreading their message to the audience. By using John Blacking’s theory of “humanly organized sound” and Steven Feld’s theory of music and social interpretation, this paper focuses on the correlation between music and social movements. The analysis centers around Muse’s recent album, Drones, and the themes represented throughout the lyrics of the tracks. The chapters explore how music has been used during social movements in the past, set up criteria for a theoretical framework, and analyzes the themes within the lyrics of Muse albums, such as The 2nd Law and Drones. The focus is on how music can not only reflect social movements, but also fuel and affect cultural shifts.


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