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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Rosalinda Hernandez

Second Advisor

Dr. Roberto Zamora

Third Advisor

Dr. Ralph Carlson


Catholic School principals play an important role in the development of students' spiritual, social, and academic wellbeing. Consequently, in order to improve students' spiritual, social, and academic skill, it is vital to study the perceived leadership styles and decision-making of Catholic School Principals. Research questions include: "Is there a relationship between Catholic School Principals and teachers' perceptions on principals' leadership styles?", and "Is there an association between decision type and decision-making style used?" 11 Catholic School Principals and 179 Catholic School Teachers completed a paper and pencil survey that assessed the perceived leadership styles of principals. Data was analyzed using a Spearman's Rho correlation and a Chi-Squared Test of Independence, and all hypotheses were tested at an alpha level of .05. Results showed that there was agreement between teachers and principals on how often principals engaged in authoritarian style leadership, but not how often they engaged in participatory or delegative leadership styles. Additionally, there was no association between decision type and decision making style that the principals used. In conclusion, authoritative style leadership was perhaps the more familiar leadership style, recognized by both teachers and principals. Further studies should consider assessing larger populations and controlling, either mathematically or experimentally, for type of education principals and teachers have received.


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