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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)



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Dr. Thomas Britten

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Dr. William Yaworsky

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Dr. John Newman


The Americas have long been a center of conflict as European powers competed for control of the resources of these untapped lands. Spain, France, and England contributed to the turbulent era of colonization. Each left their mark on the Western Hemisphere. Spain couldn’t know that an Independent Mexico would emerge from the actions of the first Spanish conquistadors. The Republic of Texas was actually a stepchild of Spain created through its Mexican land grants and missions. The lands they colonized were not empty. Spain, Mexico and the Texas Republic, found their new holdings populated by Native Americans who were not enamored by the invaders. All three occupied Texas with a military presence that struggled to subjugate the native populace—unsuccessfully. How could this be? The question this study focuses on is why Spain, Mexico, and The Texas Republic, could not subjugate the native peoples—Indians—that inhabited Texas.


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