Theses and Dissertations

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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Amy A. Weimer

Second Advisor

Dr. Frederick Ernst

Third Advisor

Dr. Francisco Guajardo


The present study focuses on a subset of data obtained from a larger interdisciplinary project, Proyecto Posible, which investigates how sociocultural and instructional factors predict positive outcomes among Spanish- and English-speaking Hispanic bilingual learners. As one part of Proyecto Posible, interviewers asked learners to speak in their language of preference about their experiences in school and feelings developed during interactions with others, as bilinguals. This study examines the qualitative component on bilingual learners’ perceptions of their own language proficiency in English and Spanish, perceptions of language use across a broad range of contexts including school, home, and community, and perceptions about the importance of Spanish and English language use. Descriptive data on the emergent themes from across learner’s responses are reported. Results from this study can inform theory and practice, as well as provide the basis for further research that focuses on showcasing the strengths of Spanish-speaking and bilingual learners.


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