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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil

Second Advisor

Dr. Rene Corbeil

Third Advisor

Dr. James Telese


In order to measure usability in higher education online courses, the E-Learning Usability Scale for Higher Education was developed in this study. After an extensive review of literature, the E-Learning Usability Evaluation Questionnaire developed by Zaharias (2009) was the closest instrument found to be free and available. However, this instrument was designed to measure usability for corporate settings and an adaptation of the items was required for online courses in higher education. The purpose of this study was to design a usability instrument for online courses in higher education from an original instrument designed for corporate settings, and to determine the validity and reliability of the redesigned version. The adaptation of the original questionnaire was conducted in three phases, resulting in the re-wording of the questionnaire. Two analyses were conducted to determine reliability; first, an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) to identify the new components of the instrument; and second, a Chronbach's Alpha coefficient was calculated to determine to what extent the indicators in the questionnaire resulting from the EFA, were reliable. Content validity was used to validate the new questionnaire. The results of the study indicate that the new questionnaire is valid and reliable. The instrument developed in this study can now be used to measure usability in online higher education courses. Recommendations for the use of the new version of the questionnaire and future research are also discussed.


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