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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Erin Schuenzel

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Dr. Megan Keniry

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Dr. Robert Gilkerson


Several members of fruit flies in the vastly diverse Anastrepha (Schinner) genus (family Tephritidae), considered to be among the most important and devastating pests of vegetable and fruit crops, are distributed widely throughout the Americas. They attack several different kinds of fruit including citrus, which is of great economical importance in South Texas. The identification of these flies is based primarily on wing pattern and characteristics of the female genitalia, contrary to males, which cannot be distinguished at all. Misidentification of adults is a widespread problem, while identification at the larval stage is practically impossible. Currently, there are no published mitochondrial genomes for Anastrepha. This information can provide crucial particulars for developing DNA-based methods for identification at species and population levels. DNA was extracted from eight different species. The complete mitochondrial genome will serve as valuable information for studying the genetics, systematic and phylogenetic relationships of various species of Anastrepha.


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